A Witch’s Year (oh boy) in Review

A Witch’s Year (oh boy) in Review

 I have come to a great conclusion…I…am a terrible blogger. It is not that I do not have thoughts, trust me the train does not stop. It is not that I do not think to share them, it is that I do not sit down to do it. I have flirted with the idea of starting a vlog on YouTube, you know, become one of those witches that sips tea and shames you if you have an opinion. Maybe start doing a tarot series. I mean hey who does not want to monetize? I think it is the shyness of speaking in front of people, or the fact I do not yet own a camera for this. Who knows, that thought train is still circling the station. So, sitting here I am like what should I say to my 2 followers? ……. Hiiiiiiiii! I imagine Stitch when I say this, awkward, slightly wary, slightly menacing…I need more arms.

So, I thought a year in review, and what a totally F**K*D up year, well sorta. Covid19, politics, closure, open, closure, toilet paper, too many hurricanes to count. I am so sorry New Orleans, I love you! 2020 has been up and down, good, great and WTF! So here goes.

The Good: a friend started a vlog, it has been met with mixed reviews, check it out at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2oWKb58l8tqCTbM46LXt9Q. A friend started a killer Instagram page, her follower blow up is astounding, check it out, https://www.instagram.com/occult418/.  I and by I, I mean all of us, got quarantined…I bought, finally, a Kitchenaid Stand-mixer. And then…. there was no baking yeast, lol! But I made cookies, bread, with bourbon and bacon. Hey, I was locked in a house with 3 kids and a dog.

The Great: I am blessed with beautiful, healthy, smart children and a man I love and who loves me, can I get an amen!

I got www.emrysmagickandcraft.com seriously going! A ton of 3 am work nights and I have accounts with great wholesalers and best of all, I CREATED MY OWN BRAND! Check out the merchandise like handcrafted incense blends, https://emrysmagickandcraft.com/shop/midsummer-incense-1-oz/ and anointing oils for Sabbats https://emrysmagickandcraft.com/shop/winter-solstice-yule-sabbat-oil-10ml/ and the herbs and resin incense. Vending opened back up. My dream has always been to serve my local community of witches, occultist, the esoteric of all walks. The BIG dream is a brick and mortar store, preferably one with a home over it. The small step is vending at local markets to build my brand, name and budget. Anyone got like 100 grand they want to loan? If you are local to Miami, you can come see us at The Blackmarket at Base Camp on November 21st. There will be live music, burlesque and much more.

I drove to Key West for the first time ever. It was beautiful. I like the old houses; it reminds me of NOLA. We took a picture by the southernmost point of the US. I was incredibly happy I did not see that creepy ass haunted doll. We feed tarpon!

I went on nature walks in Coral Gables, oh the houses there are so beautiful with all the coquina stone.

 I took my love to St Augustine for his birthday, it was his first time there. We walked on the beach, we walked some more, and walked even more. We saw the Torture Museum. This was both interesting and infuriating as most of it was designed to torture not only smart, willful women, but those they called witches. Yes, medieval men, were assholes! We went into Ripley’s, looked at the lighthouse, walked near the college…he always gets grumpy then laughs when I take him to haunted places, lol. We tried Carolina Reaper jerky…it was HOT!

My dearest joined a group of awesome people in a band called John Denver Fight Club. They are amazing fun to hear and watch live. Find them on Spotify, follow them on FB and Insta, buy shirts, show the love for local bands! https://www.facebook.com/JohnDenverFightClub/

The UGLY: School, work, online, from home for 4 people! I am lucky, I did not lose my job. Friends got Covid, thank the goddess and healing energy, they survived it. Friends locked themselves away, thank the goddess they did not lose their minds. Politics, I will not even go there, I hate it all. It is not conducive to growth of the human mind, body, spirit or community.

And that is 2020 in my nutshell! Lots of Coven work, lots of new friends and family. A TON of self-work, which really, I think is what 2020 was for…forced Shadow Work! I hope you all came out of this better. I hope your coming winter holiday season is blessed and chill! And I promise, I’ll try better at this blog thing. Who knows maybe I’ll try that vlog thing…I like to share my too many opinions that may or may not mean shit all to anyone but myself. If I do, I promise it will be because I dislike misinformation, especially within the Craft and as I am learning the correct ways (yes even at 45 years old and 30 years study) I want to share that with others.

To the Future

Blessed Be and 93/93 ~ Emrys

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