Retrogrades, Oh Boy!

Retrogrades, Oh Boy!

You know, I get it. Retrogrades are meant to teach us all our lessons. Sometimes to the level of beating you over the head with a besom. But we can get through this, right! Right?

I’m not gonna lie this Mercury Retro has me in a tailspin. Why? My Venus is in Mercury. Yes your personal birth chart is a key to figuring out how bad a retrograde is gonna be for you. Don’t have one? what are you waiting for? Get a free natal chart done at So Venus/love, Mercury/communication…backwards. You guessed it, my relationship isn’t peachy. But the key is to remember it isn’t always going to be so, in fact Mercury goes direct very soon. Shits gonna smooth out. BUT…but, what it also does is bring to the front of your mind all the things that have been sitting in the shadows of your mind that you’ve always wanted to talk about, that you’ve always felt. Good or bad! The trick is to figure out how to communicate this when communication is on the fritz and not kill your relationship. Unless you want too. I personally do not!

So good luck fellow witches! Grab some black tourmaline and pull up them panties or boxers and power through it!

Blessed Be and Good “please Goddess” Luck


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