Welcome to the New Year, 2020! Are you ready for it? Where you ready to get out of 2019? Almost everyone I have talked to, including myself, has been more than ready to start a new year, get a new perspective and wash 2019 well away. So, lets start up with that!!

 Step One, cleanse your house! There are a few ways to cleanse out your house of the old negativity that last year may have left lingering. 

First off, start to remove the clutter! I’m not saying you need to KonMari your house, but it was fun for me! Just remove the piles of stuff that you no longer need and especially the things that make you feel negative, such as stuff from a break-up, clothes you hate, your ex boyfriend’s ex girlfriend’s t-shirt from that concert, why the hell is that in your house? Next cleanse the spirit of the space. I like Tibetan singing bowls but a bell works too! Ring-a-ling, loud and clear, get the negative out! Positive music works well too! Blast that favorite empowering song, personally I am a huge fan of Ghost, Zeal and Ardor and Mastodon!

Smudging: You can use a smudge stick starting from the front door and walking widdershins (counter clockwise) throughout the house, fanning the smoke into every corner, every cupboard, closet, and room until you reach the front door again. Some people however have reactions to smudging and smoke that smudging creates, like seizures, so if you are prone to seizures, use extreme caution with smudging. Note, not all smudge sticks are created equal, nor sage. I like the traditional Native American mix of white sage and cedar, throw in some sweetgrass to draw the spirits near, good and bad and flush out the bad with the smudge. You will keep the beneficial spirits of house and land in with your ancestors and rush the baddies away. 

 Floor Wash: You can cleanse your house room by room as well with a floor wash. Mix hot water, salt and Florida Water or an essential oil like frankincense, lavender, sage or peppermint. Mop your floors! I like the tradition of carrying the water out of the house and yard and throwing to the roads to be carries away. You may get strange looks from the neighbors, but oh well. The best thing is, the mix is not toxic to the environment like many household cleaners. 

Step Two: Cleanse yourself, this is gonna be the best!

Self: Take a bath! Yes, because after all of the work you did above, you smell! No, seriously! Draw a nice bath, add some Epsom salt for those muscles, add some essential oils or grab one of our Holy Bomb Bath Bombs made for purification. Soak for a good 10 to 15 mins for the salts to help, the start a good scrub down from crown to root chakra all the way to your feet. Have your intention fixed to wash away all the negativity. Think of everything you have hated about 2019, everything you want to remove from self and pull the drain. Watch all of that negativity drain away, so long, fair well, auf wiedersehen, namaste!

Feel better? I sure do. Now that all the bad is away, take some time to to set the positive intentions you want for 2020. think about doing them month by month. I was gifted this great Astrological Planner from Magic of I, I’m not sponsored by them at all, the planner is just that amazing. Here is a link,  https://magicofi.com/  If you can’t afford that, no worries a simple planner from any store or a self made one or your phone will work great! Have fun and may fortune smile sweetly on your new year.       

Blessed Be 93/93! ~Emrys

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